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Complete Grammy Round-up

        Music’s biggest night last night! Here’s all the things you may have missed or need to re-live. First was the red carpet, and all you need to know is that Cee-lo may have thought he was in line for the new Star Wars movie; because he was out here dressed like…Read More


Ariana Grande’s “Nonna” shocked at Las Vegas show at lyrics

        So Ariana was performing in Vegas and invited her Nonna, who apparently doesn’t listen to Ariana’s music too much, was sitting front row. Watch the video and watch her look bored as hell, and then shocked over some of the lyrics. I don’t even think she got into “Side to Side”.…Read More


Catch me outside girl gets booted from plane

      One of the hot internet meme’s is the “catch me outside girl” from Dr Phil. It’s spawned a number of remixes. Well she and her mom got booted from a flight after she punched another lady Well now, she’s in trouble again after she punched a woman on a flight out of…Read More


Super Bowl’s movie/tv trailers

        Not gonna lie, I love these more than the commercials every year! And we got some great ones! STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2!! But we have to wait til Halloween 🙁 May 5th can’t come soon enough for more Guardians! How can Johnny Depp afford 2 million dollars of wine a month? We’ll…Read More


The best Super Bowl halftime commercials

        Not gonna lie, this years batch was pretty weak I thought. Not too many really stood out to me. And there was a severe lack of funny ones. But here’s some of the tops ones.   Car companies brought their A-game this year. I did enjoy Cam destroying little kids Melissa…Read More


Indy 500 announces Snake Pit acts

        Memorial Day is right around the corner, and that means concerts and carb day acts are getting announced. First up, the Snake Pit! And it’s got a master of ceremonies this year….THIS GUY!   That’s right! Pro wrestler Ric Flair is hosting the Snake Pit this year! The musical guest line…Read More


Arrests made in Kim K robbery. Might be an inside job.

        Kim is still struggling with the aftermath of the Paris robbery. Now, more details are coming out after cops arrested 17 people. Some of the highlights include: 1.The “Ringleader” is a 72 year old man 2. The average age of the suspects is 55! 3. The limo driver was also arrested.…Read More


Golden Globes round up.

        First off, full list of winners right HERE E! News also has your BEST DRESSED and you WORST DRESSED If that’s your sort of thing On to the best moments of the night… Donald Glover won twice for his show Atlanta, in his first speech he thanked rappers Migos for the song “Bad…Read More


What will happen to Princess Leia

        Now that Carrie Fisher has passed and the funeral is done, Disney and Lucas Films have a big problem. So we know that Fisher has filmed everything she needed to film for Episode 8. However ACCORDING TO THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER the real issue is what to do with her in Episode 9.…Read More


Man belly flops on cop car on NYE

        I love this video from THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL   for a few reasons: Dash cam videos are never not awesome This guy has no fear in 2017 He was locked up in Winnebago Co Jail There’s a county in Wisconsin named “Winnebago”  Read More


What’s going on with Kim K???

        So Kim’s been social media silent since her Paris robbery. To be honest, this thing lasted way longer then I thought it would. I mean, I didn’t think she could stay away that long. BUT…She’s back now, and there are so many questions! First, there’s been the divorce rumors, right? First…Read More


Carrie Fisher Dies at 60

        2016…What is wrong with this year???? TMZ says Carrie has died from cardiac arrest at UCLA after having no pulse on a plane from London. Meanwhile, lots of her Star Wars co-stars were tweeting tributes no words #Devastated pic.twitter.com/R9Xo7IBKmh — Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) December 27, 2016 I'm deeply saddened at the…Read More

Bruno Mars Carpool Karaoke

        Game over, no one is gonna top this. The energy this guy brings to everything he does is just amazing. Bruno hops in with James Corden for some tunes, tries on some hats, and talk all things Bruno. Easily my favorite one of these he’s done.  Read More